Currently running a nice early bird discount as commissions open for the first time!

I have a base price of $20 USD (which buys you two hours), plus an additional $10 per hour worked (charged in 15-minute increments). There is an additional $1 fee to source audio if not provided (YouTube rips do not count!) – this is to legally purchase the track.

By default, I will chart the lead guitar (or main instrument) on all four difficulties, and add lyrics as appropriate. Other instruments can be requested, but naturally will add to the time. The total time to chart a track will depend entirely on its complexity, but I can offer a completely free no obligation rough estimate on how long it would take and thus how much it would cost.

There is a $10 discount available if you are in the band and can provide full stems – consider it me supporting smaller artists 🙂 On top of that if you have a guitar tab that will speed up the process and save more money! Please note you do still need to have a reasonable quality recording for this – something you’d be comfortable releasing on spotify. No dodgy phone-recorded bedroom demos please.

You will have the song exclusively for 7 days after completion before I release it publicly. If you want me to release straight away (so your friends can easily download it) just let me know though!

My only limit is I won’t do RnB or Jazz. Can’t stand either and don’t want to spend hours listening to it, sorry!

Interested? Join my Discord server and send me a DM!