Protect Sarius is a third person space fighting game loosely based on the well known classic Asteroids.

Early Protect Sarius gameplay example. Mainly showing features and functions, recorded on a OnePlus Nord. Note the compass graphical issues is a result of recording software and is not present in the game.

The game is created in C#/Unity, and was made for the Mobile Games II Module in 2nd year Computer Games Programming at De Montfort University. The game achieved a final grade of 92 and was highly praised by the module leader, and used as an example in the following year.

In Protect Sarius, your primary objective is just as the title suggests; protect the mothership Sarius as it navigates through a dangerous asteroid field. You are in control of a small fighter that can move freely through 3D space, and must destroy asteroids blocking your path. The fighter has three lives and can be damaged through physics collisions, but the mothership you are protecting also has its own health. Asteroid collisions or your own friendly fire can damage the ship, and if the mothership is destroyed the game ends instantly. Physics plays a large role in the game; asteroids can collide with one another and destroying larger asteroids will break them into smaller, faster parts.

All assets in the game (with the exception of some sound effects, the background music, and the fonts) were created by myself.

The game is designed to run on Android (on screen controls/bluetooth controller), or PC (controller recommended, keyboard supported).
Android APK Download: click here – You may need a 3rd party app that allows you to install custom APKs
Windows PC Download: click here – Please keep in mind the game was designed initially for mobile. PC & Controller support was added post-assignment, but may have issues, and the UI is not fully updated to PC yet.
Source Code: click here – Created with Unity 2019.1.6f