This page is for my portfolio and discusses the development of my mods. If you are looking to download or use my mods, please head to the page here.

I have been making mods for Minecraft since 2013, and this is where I got my start with games programming. I learned Java for this purpose. These mods explore a wide variety of skillsets, including game logic, simple networking/packet systems, JSON data import/export, and UI design. I’ve made a lot of mods, approaching 750,000 downloads in total, but for the sake of this page, I’ll just speak about three.

Fureniku’s Roads

My most well-known mod is Fureniku’s Roads (formerly known as FlenixRoads), and as the name suggests adds materials to introduce roads into the game. At the time of writing the mod has just under 500,000 downloads on CurseForge.

The mod is primarily simple blocks, however many of these do attempt to push the boundaries of Minecraft’s block system. A tweak to how placement works allows paint lines to be placed separately from the roads. This was primarily designed for performance reasons; without doing this, the mod would use up a lot of the games finite block IDs or use performance-heavy tile entities for the same effect. However, it does also have the additional feature that allows the paint to be placed on any block, not just my roads.

Paint is placed using a special item with a custom GUI. This was designed for the simplicity of players; they would not need to carry potentially hundreds of items for the different styles of paint, and can instead access everything within one single item. I furthered this with other recipes within the mod, opting to use my own crafting system where an item is selected and costs are paid, instead of Minecraft’s traditional limited grid-based crafting.

Finally, the current patch for the mod is exploring a diagonal road system, which bypasses Minecraft’s rendering system and accesses OpenGL tessellation more directly to create non-cubic shapes.

I could make a video demonstrating the mod, but I think other people are better at doing so, so here’s a mod review from the 1.0 release! He did mispronounce my name though…
The source code for the mod is available here.

Fureniku’s Cities/Economy

Another mod I was known for was Fureniku’s Cities (formerly FlenixCities). This was a mod designed primarily for creating city landscapes, and incorporating some roleplay elements into it, but the mod was best known for the currency and trading systems it implemented. Players were able to create shops, setting prices and creating a stock system. Other players could then use the mod’s currency, either in physical items or from a player’s bank account data, even when the shop owner was offline. The mod was used as the basis for many server’s economies.

A later rewrite was begun for this system called Fureniku’s Economy, but unfortunately took the backburner due to university commitments. This rewrite made shop management much more robust for sellers, with a shop management system to control stock, prices, and shop funding, as well as a log of actions. There was also a cart system for buyers, allowing them to purchase multiple things at once. The system was fully functional up to the checkout stage, and a video of this progress is below.

Source code for the work-in-progress Economy rewrite is available here, and the original mod is here.


One last mod I’d like to talk about is Graffiti. This was made as part of a modjam contest in 2020, and won!

The mods core concept is art. The mod gives a number of pens, which you can use to freely draw on any block in the game. Art is stored into the tile entity through Minecraft’s NBT data storage system as individual pixels with colour and alpha. Additionally, players can write text to accompany their art, and can adjust the size of a canvas. One of the key features however, is the JSON import/export system. Players can export their creations to a JSON file, and import them into another world save file, or another server.

Graffiti’s source code is available here.

Video coming soon!

Here is also an example of some pokemon drawn by a member of my Discord server using the mod:

Graffiti Pokemon