I have made a number of mods (Java-based) for Minecraft, which are detailed below.

Fureniku’s Roads (1.6.4/1.7.10/1.12.2)
My most well-known mod, which adds a road crafting system to the game. Includes full survival support, custom, optimised machines for creating resources, tools to paint and modify roads in an intuitive way, and a system which converts simple JSON files into custom paints to be used within the game.

Graffiti (1.15.2)
Graffiti allows players to write and draw freely anywhere in the game world. Taking a pen, players create a custom Tile Entity which stores pixel and text data with a huge degree of customisability. The mod opens up massive avenues in creative freedom, letting players draw literally anything they want in the game up to a resolution of 128×128 pixels per block space. Block spaces can also contain multiple artwork entries to allow drawing in corners, and the mod has a fully featured import/export system to convert artwork into JSON and be shared with friends or moved across worlds.

Fureniku’s Economy (known as Fureniku’s Cities for 1.6.4/1.7.10, beta for 1.12.2)
Fureniku’s Economy is a custom shopping system being entirely rewritten for 1.12.2. The system is based on typical ecommerce systems mixed with a brick-and-mortar shopping approach, where sellers can create a physical shop, and buyers navigate through the store, adding items to a digital cart then checking out at the end to purchase everything. Shops function as a network, with various different blocks providing functionality (such as a physical cart block storing player purchases, shelving blocks to display items for sale, stock blocks to hold the actual game items and a checkout block to handle the final transaction)