The Compactor is a machine which can compact Road Fragments into new Road Blocks. The machine can be powered by coal, or has an electric variant which can be powered by Forge Energy. The machine can accept item input and output from any side. If Performance Mode in the config is false, the grills on the sides will glow when active. The Wrench will rotate the machine in mode 1, and in mode 2 will toggle a base plate to hide any pipes or cables you might have running underneath.

The Compactor is very simple to use. Upon right-clicking, a GUI will display with an input slot, two buttons, a number, an output slot and if appropriate, a fuel slot. The input slot accepts any Road Fragment. Once the number of Road Fragments in the input slots is equal to the number displayed on the GUI, they will be crafted into a new Road Block of equal height. The two buttons in the centre can be pressed to adjust the desired height.
The Compactor is designed simply to recycle Road Fragments and prevent them from cluttering storage, while also giving more roads.
As an alternative, Thermal Expansion’s compactor offers a simplified variation of the same functionality; however, it will only create full-height roads from 16 fragments.


2x Sticky Piston
1x Block of Iron
4x Iron Ingot
1x Anvil
1x Machine Frame / Electric Machine Frame