The Fabricator is a machine capable of creating many different miscellaneous items, and is the mod’s own crafting table. The machine can be powered by coal, or has an electric variant which can be powered by Forge Energy. The machine can accept item input and output from any sides except the top.  If Performance Mode in the config is false, the grills on the side will glow when active. The Wrench will rotate the machine in mode 1, and in mode 2 will toggle a base plate to hide any pipes or cables you might have running underneath.

The Fabricator’s GUI should be relatively self explanitory. It is made up of six smaller slots on the left, a large central slot, and one more small slot on the right. Clicking the large central slot will open a new menu, in which you can select the item you want to create. Click an item in this menu to select it, and the slots on the left will display the required items. Hovering the mouse over these slots will display the items name if the icon is not clear. As soon as the table has all required items, it will begin to fabricate the requested item, and place it in the right slot. The machine can run automatically once the craftable item is selected and will indefinitely create items so long as the required resources are entered.


4x Iron Ingot
1x Redstone Dust
1x Machine Frame / Electric Machine Frame