The Tar Distiller is a machine used to create tar from inputs. The machine can be powered by coal, or has an electric variant which can be powered by Forge Energy. The machine can accept item input through the top, fluid input from the left, fluid output on the right, and item output from the bottom. If Performance Mode in the config is false, the front and back will display bars showing the current level of fluids, the fluid tanks will animate for filling, and the grills will glow when active. The Wrench will rotate the machine in mode 1, and in mode 2 will toggle a base plate to hide any pipes or cables you might have running underneath.

The Tar Distiller takes input and converts it to tar, and potentially an output item/waste product (in most cases Dried Coal, which can still be used as a furnace fuel). For automation, the Tar Distiller can be placed directly to the left of a Road Factory and tar will instantly transfer into the Road Factory without any need for pipes.
All recipes use the same fuel/time to consume, meaning Block of Coal is the most efficient way to create tar when power and time are considered.
Recipes are as follows. Correct as of 7th June 2021

Fluid InputItem InputFluid OutputItem Output
Coal1,000 mB TarDried Coal
Charcoal1,000 mB TarDried Coal
Block of Coal9,000 mB Tar9x Dried Coal
100 mB WaterAny Log100 mB Tar
15 mB WaterAny Planks15 mB Tar
2,000 mB WaterTar
(Thermal Foundation)
2,000 mB Tar
3,000 mB WaterBitumen
(Thermal Foundation)
3,000 mB Tar
250 mB Crude Oil
(Thermal Foundation)
250 mB Tar
250 mB Biocrude
(Thermal Foundation)
250 mB Tar


5x Iron Ingot
3x Large Glass Tank
1x Machine Frame / Electric Machine Frame