The Paint Filler Hopper acts as an interface between the Paint Filler and automation input/output. It has five configurable sides which can be set to white, yellow, red paint, items, or nothing. The hopper overall can be toggled between inserting to and extracting from the Paint Filler. The Paint Filler Hopper requires no power and cannot be cosmetically changed with a wrench.

The Hopper is one of the more complex blocks in Fureniku’s Roads. Firstly, it must be placed directly above the Paint Filler to have any use. Next, you’ll need to get a Wrench, and right-click any side or the top of the block. A Transfer Port will appear on the side, which can be connected to pipes from any mod that provides them. The colour indicates the processing action; A blue ring implies input mode (taking items or fluid and pumping them into the Filler), while an orange ring is extract mode (retrieving items and fluids from the Filler and outputting them into connected pipes). The inner colour dictates the exact targetted item/fluid; white, yellow and red will take the respective coloured paint fluid, and green will handle items.

The hopper is designed for use in more advanced automation setups, allowing you to have a Paint Filler always ready to reload your Paint Gun. It also allows you to utilize Paint Ovens to create paint more efficiently and pump them into the hopper. The hopper generally expects other mods are installed to handle logistics, for example Thermal Foundation’s Itemducts and Fluiducts. Note that when extracting items from the Paint Filler, you will need an active system to pull from the hopper (for example with Thermal Foundation, the ducts will require a servo attached)


4x Iron Ingot
1x Wooden Chest
3x Large Glass Tank
1x Machine Frame / Electric Machine Frame