The Paint Filler is a machine used to fill Paint Guns with Paint. The machine can be powered by coal, or has an electric variant which can be powered by Forge Energy. For automation, a Paint Filler Hopper must be placed above and configured as appropriate. If Performance Mode in the config is false, the fluid tanks will animate for filling, and the grills will glow when active. The Wrench will rotate the machine in mode 1, and in mode 2 will toggle a base plate to hide any pipes or cables you might have running underneath.

The Paint Filler is relatively straightforward to use. Right-clicking will open the GUI, which can be divided into two parts; the Paint Gun, and the Filler. Place a Paint Gun in the left-most slot to load it in, at which point you can see the status of the Paint Gun’s internal tanks. Place white, yellow or red dyes into the coloured slots and provide fuel to start crafting paint, which will be held in the internal tanks or loaded into an attached paint gun as appropriate. Note that the Paint Filler is not very efficient in creating paint; for the best setup, you will need to make Paint Ovens and connect them via the Paint Filler Hopper, but the filler alone is enough for small setups.
There are no recipes to display for the Paint Filler.


3x Iron Ingot
2x Redstone Dust
3x Large Glass Tank
1x Machine Frame / Electric Machine Frame