The Tarmac Cutter is a machine used to quickly cut multiple Road Blocks to size. The machine can be powered by coal, or has an electric variant which can be powered by Forge Energy. The machine can accept item input through the top or sides and item output from the sides or bottom. Providing a Tarmac Cutter Blade through any input will automatically place it into the relevant slot. If Performance Mode in the config is false, the grills will glow when active. The Wrench will rotate the machine in mode 1, and in mode 2 will toggle a base plate to hide any pipes or cables you might have running underneath.

The Tarmac Cutter takes a Road Block input, and requires a Tarmac Cutter Blade to function. Blades can be crafted in order to set the size of the cut, between 1, 2, 4 or 8. As an example, a blade of thickness 1 will result in a full-size Road Block producing a 15/16th Road Block and one set of Road Fragments.
If a non-standard road height is desired, you can chain together multiple Tarmac Cutters using pipes or ducts from another mod to achieve the final cut result. Tarmac Fragments produced can be sent to a Compactor to create additional Road Blocks.


4x Iron Ingot
1x Machine Frame / Electric Machine Frame
1x Tarmac Cutter Blade (after crafting)