To create roads and accessories in Fureniku’s Roads, you’ll need to make some machines! This page acts as an index for the machines. For a guide on which ones you’ll need, check the guide on creating roads, painting roads or decorating roads.

All machines come in both coal-powered and electric powered variants. Electric powered will require a mod providing Forge Energy (for example, Thermal Foundation) to function.

Machine Blocks

Paint Filler
The Paint Filler loads liquid paint into the Paint Gun. It can also create paints with reduced efficiency, or be filled with paints from the Paint Filler Hopper.

Paint Filler Hopper
The Paint Filler Hopper is capable of moving paints and items in and out of the Paint Filler from multiple external sources.

Road Factory
The Road Factory handles the creation of tarmac and other road blocks. It will craft the full-height block from tar and another input.

Tar Distiller
The Tar Distiller machine handles the creation of tar, used by the Road Factory.

Tarmac Cutter
The Tarmac Cutter trims tarmac to a configured size. Requires a Tarmac Cutter Blade to use, and will output Road Fragments as a byproduct.

The Crusher crushes blocks into other blocks. Useful to create Crushed Rock, as well as gravel and sand.

Paint Oven
The Paint Oven creates paint more efficiently than the Paint Filler, but can only handle one type at a time.

The Compactor compresses and compacts Road Fragments into new Road Blocks

The Fabricator fabricates a large number of items through the power of science. Used to make most decorative blocks.


Paint Gun
The Paint Gun is used to apply paint to the world around you, and is used instead of crafting individual paint icons.

The Wrench is a handy little tool that allows you to change the properties of other blocks, for example altering the display of some decorative blocks or rotating machines. Every good Road Builder needs one!

Pneumatic Drill
The Pneumatic Drill is the modern person’s pickaxe! This drill is especially good at digging up roads

Tarmac Rammer
Got Road Fragments? Want taller roads? The Tarmac Rammer just became your best friend.

Paint Scraper
Sometimes you need to clean the paint off a road. Sure, you could just break it yourself, but why do that when you have the Paint Scraper? Makes breaking paint off roads much easier and more consistent!

Tarmac Cutter Blade
The Tarmac Cutter Blade is available in Iron, Gold or Diamond, these blades cut through tarmac. Simple! Requires a Tarmac Cutter to function.